Frequently Asked Questions


Is human milk sharing a new concept?
Not even close! Sharing and receiving human milk is how our civilization thrived. The first record of wet-nursing was discovered in Ancient Egypt, 3000 BCE. From the 1500s well into the 1900s wet-nurses were highly sought. And with the advent of the internet in the 1990’s, peer-to-peer milk sharing rapidly grew in the U.S. There are over half a million members of milk sharing groups in the United States on Facebook alone!
Is it safe?

Healthy, commerce-free donor milk can be shared and received safely. The well-researched and reputable organization, Eats On Feets™ (lovingly referred to as the OGs), established in 2010, has developed the Four Pillars of Safe Breast MilkSharing If you Drop-in to our community, you uphold the Four Pillars. As they beautifully state: “The vigilance that we practice when taking care of our children translates beautifully into growing communities and families that support each other in times of need.” Mic Drop!

Additionally, we’ve included the following safety features within the app:

  1. You can ask your donor to see recent medical screening information. Upon onboarding, donors are asked if they are willing to share any recent medical screenings. If they agree, an icon will appear on their profile so recipients know they can ask for this. Medical records are never uploaded to the app, they are simply shared between users.
  2. Report button; if any user ever feels unsafe or is concerned another user has nefarious intentions, they can report the issue directly to Share The Drop.
  3. We suggest messaging within the app with your match and make sure this is a trusted source for you. Initial meetings should be done in public to further ensure safety.
  4. If you are concerned about what donated milk may contain, we recommend testing strips to detect alcohol, and home pasteurization as a last measure.
Is there a fee?
Nope! Liquid gold is priceless. Share The Drop is helping to solve the disparities between the haves and have nots. Some families don’t have access to human milk (think: breast cancer survivors, gay fathers, adotive parents and families with a whole host of conditions). We believe all infants should have access to human milk.
Who can use Share The Drop?

Got Milk? Need Milk? Drop in! Lactating mothers who have an excess supply (more than their own baby consumes) and families that need human milk for their babe(s).

How do I match?
Once you create your profile (as a donor or recipient), answer all questions and prompts, you will be able to filter through your matches. When you find a suitable match, start messaging them directly in the App to establish a comfortable relationship. When you’re ready, all questions have been asked and answered, make the Drop! We recommend meeting in a public place–maybe you’ll want to grab a coffee together.
How can I test the milk I receive?
If you are concerned about the milk you are getting, we encourage using alcohol testing strips, protein testing strips, or conducting home pasteurization.