Frequently Asked Questions


Is breast milk sharing a new concept?
Not even close! Sharing and receiving breast milk is how human civilization has thrived. The first record of wet nursing was discovered in Ancient Egypt in 3000 BCE and from the 1500s well into the 1900s wet nurses were in high demand. As society became more isolated and formula grew in popularity, the practice of wet nursing diminished. The advent of the internet in the 1990’s saw a resurgence of peer-to-peer breast milk sharing in the U.S. Today, there are more than half a million members of milk sharing groups in the United States on Facebook alone.
Is it safe?
Healthy, commerce-free donor milk can be shared and received safely. By following our Breast Milk Sharing Guidelines and using our recommended Donor Screening Questions, you should have an easy and comfortable experience.

We’re committed to the well-being of our users and as such, have safety features built into the app.

Recent Results:

  • A donor’s profile will have a results badge (shield with a plus sign) if they have agreed to share any health or test results. If you don’t see that badge, you can still (and are encouraged to) ask about pertinent health information and any recent screenings.
  • Report: If you ever feel unsafe or question another user’s intentions, you can report them for review with Share the Drop’s admin team.
  • Messages: Keep all initial communication within the app. Once a relationship has developed, you can meet in a public place.
Is there a fee?

Share the Drop is free for donors – those who selflessly share the invaluable gift of liquid gold.

Recipients can opt-in to a paid subscription for $9.99/mo. Before paying, you will be able to create an account (it only takes a few seconds) and browse possible connections in your area.

Don’t see any donors near you? Check back in a few days – our user base is growing bigger each day!


  • SNAP or WIC recipients qualify for a complete fee waiver.

Email if you fall into one of the categories.

As a commerce-free app, we do not allow any payment between users in exchange for milk donations. Please use our report feature if you see activity of this nature.

The subscription fee allows us to add new features, expand our geographic footprint, and respond to technical issues in a timely manner.

Who can use Share the Drop?
Got milk? Need milk? Drop in! We’re an inclusive space for everyone! Share the Drop is a space for both lactating mothers who have an excess supply (more than their own baby consumes) and families that need human milk for their babe(s). Our recipients include gay couples, foster/adoptive parents, breast cancer survivors, under-producers, infants that lost their mothers during childbirth, the list goes on!
How do I match?
Once you create your profile (as a donor or recipient), answer all questions and prompts, you can filter through your matches. You’ll be able to see a variety of information about potential connections including a short bio, the age of their child, dietary restrictions, and distance from you.

When you find a suitable match, start messaging them directly in the app to establish a comfortable relationship. When you’re ready, make the Drop! We recommend meeting in a public place – grab a quick coffee or plan a play date.

How can I test the breast milk I receive?
If you are concerned about the milk you are getting, you can use alcohol testing strips, protein testing strips, or conduct home pasteurization. Home pasteurization is effective at killing some viruses, but it has been shown to diminish the nutritive content of breast milk.