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Why Share The Drop?

Because breast milk is magic.

Human milk provides all the nutrients necessary for growth and development, and it protects against diseases. Experts advise that infants should be exclusively fed breast milk for at least the first 6 months of their lives – continuing to two years or beyond. But not every parent can produce or supply breast milk. In fact only 25% of infants are fed breast milk for 6 months.

Share the Drop

We’re supporting a growing movement of cooperative feeding.

Share The Drop matches milk donors to recipients, and helps families build a network of supply and support.

Share the Drop app

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to find donors and recipients near you

Filter by specific criteria

allergies, food sensitivities, etc.

Match by age

with families that have similar aged infants

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Meet your match in person to make the exchange

Share the Drop

Drop into our safe and supportive community.

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